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Latest Items

17th Spanish Door
A French Guéridon
Pair of French side tables
A 1950s Reading Lamp
Dogon Ladder
A 19th C. Fountain Lion Head
An African Duck Bronze Sculpture
A Pair of Mid-Century Glass Candlesticks
A Mid-Century Oil on Canvas Cityscape
A Pair of 1970s Glass Table Lamps
A Swedish 18th Century Chest of Drawers
Architectural maquette of Asnières-sur-Seine
A Pair of Italian 1960s Folding Chairs by Aldo Jacober
A French Green Glazed Planter
A French Dolphin Weathervane
A Pair of French Empire Armchairs
A PAir of French Kabuki Mask Lamps
A Ceramic Artichoke
A Pair of French Zinc Cacti
A Pair of Industrial Stools
A geometric Candlestick English C.1960
French 19th C. Lamp
Strolling Lovers
An Italian Impressionist Landscape
A Pair of Georgian Brass Candlesticks
A Pair of Abstract Impressionist Oil Paintings
Mercury Glass Candlesticks
Oil on paper, `Dancing In The Streets`
A French 1970s Mosaic
Oil on canvas, `Sunset Landscape`
Pair of Metal Brutalist Candlesticks
A French Oil Seascape
An Italian Pietra Dura Winter Landscape
Three Terracotta 19th C. Amphoras
18th C. Swedish Sofa
A French Bronze Bull
19th C. Bronze Match Striker
20th C. French Inkwell
A Pair of 18th C. Italian Carved and Gilded Urns
A Wooden Roulette
A Metal Perpetual Motion Funambulist Figurine
Metal Weightlifter Perpetual Motion Balancing Figurine
Canadian Chrome Bison
A Bronze Discobolus
Spanish Dining Table & Chairs
A Geometric Vase
A Large Oil on Canvas River Scene
A Louis XVI Sofa
French 19th Century Inkwell
Set of 10 French Caned Chairs
19th C. Console
A Pair of 1950s Spanish Corner Cabinets by Pierre Lottier
A 19th C. Pair of French Wrought Iron Consoles
Modernist Portrait of a Clown
Still Life with Fish
Maison Baguès Drinks Trolley
Danish portrait
18th Century Madonna and Child Polychromed Frieze
Leaping Salmon Bronze Sculpture
18th Century Pique Cierge
French 19th Century Stool
Magnifying Lens on Stand
French Terracotta Wall Brackett
19th Century Child`s Chair
18th Century Sculpture Stele
18th Century Piranesi Lithograph Print
Chinese Antique Wooden Bench
17th Century French Mirror
Pair of French Iron Three-Armed Wall Lights
A French Mid Century Metal Stool
A 19th Century Demi LUne Card Table
Willy Rizzo Brass and Chrome Table Lamp
Pair of Chrome Hanging Lights
French Bistro Table
20th Century Library Ladder
A Collection of Greek Amphora Prints
A Pair of Mid 20th C. French Tolix Tables
Mounted and Crowned Capuchin Monkey Skull
Mid 20th Century French Standard Lamp
19th Century Solid Bronze Elephant
Napoleon III luggage rack
French Standard Lamp
Catherine Wheel Gueridon Table
A French Midcentury Oil on Board
A Pair Of Cast Iron Lions
A French Mid Century Glass & Brass Coffee TAble
A French Early 20th Century Display Cabinet
Marble Font Fitted to an Octagonal Plinth
A Set of 4 19th Century Bronze Wall Lights
A French Glass Cut Chandelier
A Composite Stone Owl
Sputnik Pendant
A French 20th Century Iron Chandelier
A 19th Century French Oak Dining Table
Pair of Tall Giltwood and Gesso Corinthian Capital Table Lamps
Murano Glass Vase
Oak Console Table
A Pair of French Louis XVI Armchairs
A Set of 4 French Stools
A late 19th/ Early 20th Century French Wrought Iron Chandelier

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